SSRS Export to PDF too slow?

Is your SSRS Export to PDF too slow?

We have one report which runs about 160 times each week in Subscription.

Each report instance takes approximately 3 hours to run, with some running 5 hours.

This is not acceptable.

I decided to look into the report guts.

The actual main report query runs in less than 30 seconds.

There are 4 sub-reports.

Each report is about 300-500 pages.

The report must be exported to PDF.

I searched online for solutions.

Found an MSDN article that I read a a few months ago but re-read more of the details.

The article recommended a few things:

  • Remove page counts and page # of ## from the footer
  • Remove Date Time Global variables
  • Remove images
  • Change the default text box "Can Grow" setting from True to False

It didn't mention this but I added "with (nolock)" to all the tables in the From Clause.

Doing these simple things, the run/export time reduced tremendously.

Let me know if you have other suggestions to really speed this up!