SQL Denali

Well, today I attempted to load the sample Denali database provided by this free link.

I ran into issues with permissions of all things.

I "thought" I was an admin on my own box but Windows7 said otherwise.

After getting past the permissions, I wasn't exactly sure how to attach the "MDF" file without an "LDF" file.

I found a good article which provided the needed solution.

Ran the provided script and sure enough got the files attached and could see TABLES & VIEWS.

Added myself as a user and could write T-SQL through Query Analyzer.

Next step was to load the Analysis Server.

Loaded the Tutorial project in Denali BIDS, which I downloaded from the site listed above.

I like the new BIDS environment - reminds me of a cross between prior BIDS and .net.

I attended Bryan Knights webinar last week and he mentioned the new version of SSIS treats/compiles  everything as CLASSES.
It would appear the same goes for BIDS projects as it creates folders for BIN and OBJECT but I can't confirm that at this point.

I think bridging BI with .net programming is a great idea so I can leverage my knowledge of .net and all those years of programming won't go to waste.

Changed the data source and could now view the Dimensions and Measures and their respective data.

You also have to set the Server & Database properties in the Analysis Services Property page or it doesn't know where it should deploy everything to.

I ran into a block when I tried to Process the cubes (permissions again - impersonate).

Turns out the user "NT Service\MSOLAP$BCBIDENALI" has to be added to the SQL-Server Security Logins...

Once added, the cubes compile from SQL Analysis Server and BIDS.

Then opened Denali BIDS to create (using the wizard) an SSRS project/datasource/report that connected to SSAS dimensions and measures which rendered okay.

I have seen the future and it is vast!!!