Why do people in IT enjoy their jobs so much?

1. Creativity
2. Independence
3. Team Work
4. Development
5. Design
6. Build
7. Not Repetitious
8. Test
9. Organize
10. Problem Solve
11. Find Solutions to complex problems
12. Exceed expectations
13. Unstructured Free flow work
14. Troubleshoot
15. Fix bugs
16. Balance Reports
17. Concentration
18. Logic
19. Projects
20. Completion
21. Challenge
22. Intelligence
23. Service
24. Salary
25. Advancement
26. Learn
27. Knowledge
28. Growth
29. Change
30. Adapt

With an Anthropology degree from the University of Florida, and "almost" a minor in business, I'm basically a self taught programmer except for the FORTRAN class at UF and c++ from St. Petersburg College. I also learned PC-DOS/BASIC in 1983 on the original IBM PC.

I started my career in Credit for Sears and then NationsBank approving loans in a production line environment until I volunteered to do reports.

If I were to switch careers at some point, I think I'd like to be a credit councilor and help people consolidate their bills and reduce their monthly expenses.

I'd also like to help people create financial budgets for their home as I've been doing this since forever and when you have a cushion of disposable income it really frees up your life and allows growth.

If I ever struck it rich, I'd either teach tennis, open a cigar store or a used book store, or work on archeological digs.

I've got 20+ more years to work so anythings possible I guess...