Today I worked in the "Trenches".

The main user/stakeholder sat at my desk for over 6 hours.

We reviewed each of the 13 completed reports and applied some "standards" to them.

Each report has the same header, footer, font sizes, groupings, alternate shadings, sub-totals, totals, etc.

For some people they don't like people looking over their shoulders when they work. I'm the opposite.

I like people to watch me fly through the screens where the cursor never stands still for a second.

We knocked out those reports in record time. And they look good.

The user is thrilled.

We have another 13 reports which one of the developers is writing.

I showed the developer the "standards" and gave her a document to follow going forward.

I guess I really do like this job.

Just wished it paid more than minimum wage for the industry.

Oh well, there's more to life than the mighty dollar$.