Job Security

Some people in the IT field have very good salaries. And some of those people will act in certain ways to make sure they keep those high paying salaries.

I've seem some people who deliberately keep their work private so nobody knows for sure what they do. That way they have job security. However, at some point even management sees through this ploy and I've seen a person like this let go. And he was forced to train the next person in his position.

I worked in a place one time where a programmer always claimed to be "so" busy that he pawned off work to the other programmers. After that person left, I automated his entire job in about an hour. So much for being busy.

Working for the government, I was absolutely flabbergasted at the gall of one particular programmer. He actually slept at his desk, read the New York Times at his desk, took way too long on assignments where the work had to be re-done anyway. Management could not get rid of this guy as much as they tried. So when the budget went south and they were forced to let people go, this guy was first on the chopping block. And to my amazement, this guy complained the most about losing his job. Kind of ironic.

Although this pattern is prevalent in IT, I'm seeing it less and less because of the economy. You really have to produce, even at the gov't jobs.

I still believe in hard work, even when no one is watching. I guess its the satisfaction of doing a good job.

I know there will always be the "slackers" who work so hard to avoid doing work, but I guess everyone gets what they deserve in the end.