Data is king.  People are finally starting to realize.

Way back, during my early days of IT, I wrote reports in Crystal Reports.  I knew very few people who were doing strictly reports.

Most people wanted the glamorous ASP with VB DLL's to create fancy front ends, middle tier business layers, and back end data layers.

And I was the lowly reporting guy.  Which didn't pay much.

I hung in there.  As I saw the value of the data.  You could always hire a top programmer, from anywhere, to write a program to get data into the database.  As some point, someone high up in the food chain needed to see the data.

My customers were always the Directors, VPs, Owners, Manager, Supervisors.  They all came to me to find out the pulse of their business.

There is value in that.  When you know the business, know the database, can provide that information really quick, you will have a job.

And now for the good news.  This job, which I've been focusing on for the past 15 years, is finally seeing the light of day.  It is in high demand.  And it pays well.

I still believe in the simplicity of reporting.  It has grown in complexity with cubes and multi-dimension and such.

But the bottom line is to get the data in its raw form, wrap business rules around it, in order to provide that information to the key users/stake holders, in a timely manor, to get a pulse of the business and plan for the future.

That ain't going anywhere soon.