Toad SQL Server Freeware Version

Thanks to Brent Miller @bamiller3 for providing on Twitter the Link to download the Freeware version of Toad for SQL Server:


The install was easy, connected to 4 instances of SQL Server within minutes.

There is a limitation for this version where you can only have 2 concurrent connections at a time.

However, it has Code Complete, flexible Layout Option on install (I chose T-SQL layout), a Verify SQL button in addition to Check Syntax which is nice.

When running a query, you can Show Execution Plan.  The result set is in a crisp and clean format.  You can easily export to Excel, File, etc. although I was prompted to do download a plug in from Micrsoft (Primary Interop Assembly Download).  It then allowed an export to Excel.

This version does not allow for "Generate SQL" which is a nice feature in T-SQL.

There are a lot of buttons on top of the App which provide shortcuts.

In the Object Explorer, you get a nice view of all the Database objects.

Connection Manager displays all saved connections.

It's got an eyeball looking button which is actually the "View the object at cursor" when clicked displays all the properties of that object, in this case it was a table and it showed Properties, Columns, Data, Statistics, Indexes, Foreign Keys and the list goes on and on.

I have used the Toad for Oracle in 3 or 4 previous jobs and that is definitely the way to go instead of using SQL Plus*.

I've also used the Toad for SQL Server at a prior job as well.

This Freeware version seems to have enough features that I would use it on a daily basis in addition to Microsoft Transact SQL tool.