SSRS Suggested Guidelines

1. Temp tables: drop table at top of query

IF OBJECT_ID(N'tempdb..#temptable', N'U') IS NOT NULL
DROP TABLE #temptable

2. Add Parameters to the top of SQL Data Sets in SSRS and comment them out so next developer can easily execute SQL in T-SQL.

3. When deploying report from BIDS, just deploy the one report, not the entire folder

4. Standard Font Times New Roman (Details: Size 10)

5. Remove un-used fields from the SQL for better performance.

6. Temp tables are ok but the preferred method is Derived Tables for better performance

7. Perform the Sorts in SQL and not in the report unless that’s the only way. Only sort the last query if using temp tables.

8. SSRS Report Heights should be consistent for Detail, Groups and Header/Footers unless the Header requires custom height to squeeze in Field Label. Also, the Vertical Align should also be consistent.

What other Guidelines do you practice when developing SSRS Reports?