SSRS Interview Questions

If you were asked to interview someone for an SSRS position, what questions would you ask?

Here's a few basic questions:

(Background questions) how long programming in SSRS, how did you learn Reporting, Are there any other reporting tools you've used?

(SSRS BIDS Report Creation) - How do you create a report (wizard, template)?  How do you create a new project in BIDS?

(SSRS BIDS Report Environment) - How do you create a data source?  What's difference between Tabular & Matrix Report?  What is a Cascading Parameter?  Why would you create a Group?

(SQL) - How do you limit the query result set?  What is a UNION?  How do you Sort/Order a query?  What is Group By?  What is a Having Clause?  Have you used #Temp Tables or Derived Tables?

(SSRS Report Server) - How do you upload an SSRS Report?  How do you assign permission to a Folder/Report?  How do you create a Subscription (Data Driven)?

Obviously you can dive deeper into any of these questions as they just scratch the surface.

Here's a link I found on the web: