SQL BI User Group (Tampa Bay)

Tonight's meeting for the Tampa Bay SQL BI Users Group was good. 

A first time speaker gave a demo of  SSRS 2008 R2 and I actually learned a few tricks.

The second speaker gave a good demo on Share point and stressed the importance of Microsoft's vision for BI to incorporate/blend Share point and Power Pivot. 

I thought there could have been some demo of the BI integration piece since it is a BI users group, not promo for Share point. 

There were some slides which showed KPI/Dashboards, most likely pointing to SSAS cubes, but no indication was given.

I believe he dropped the "f-bomb" as well as the word "sh*T" but who's counting.  BI people are tough!  They can take it!

And I was lucky enough to snag an XL Pragmatic Works T-Shirt, cool!

And two slices of pizza.

On top  of that I bumped into Mike S.  We were on the same BI team for Z-Tel in 2001-2 and we also worked for the same company at different times later on.

I also bumped into Allen E. BI guy from Catalina Marketing in 2004/5.  I worked there as a contractor and the full time job I turned down, he accepted.  Small world.

And of course Jose C. the president of the Users Group.  Jose is always jovial and has some humor to interject as well as a plethora of information on BI & Microsoft.

But the main theme that I took away from tonight's meeting is BI programming  is HOT!  There is a huge demand in this field and will increase as time goes on.  They said BI pays a lot.  Hmmm.  I work for the Gov't and haven't seen a raise in 4 years, not only that but this year I'm taking a 10% pay cut due to budget crisis!!!!   Hmmmm!!!