Rubiks Cube

When I was a kid around 1980, my brother, Dave, let me borrow his Rubics Cube.  I was able to get one side completed.  He showed me a way to move the cube in a certain pattern as to not disrupt the other side.  This allowed me to get all the corners aligned.  Once I could get all the corners in place, it was just a matter of filling in the middle pieces until all colors were in place.

I remember working a contract in 2004 doing Crystal Reports, T-SQL, VB.net.  The secretary had a cube on her desk.  One night I completed the cube and placed it back on the desk.  The next day everyone was talking about who completed the cube.  It was a mystery until I finally gave a demo of how its done.

At another job, the assistant director had a cube which I completed.  Then he gave me a cube with 4 squares per side and one with 16 squares per side, which all have the same pattern to solve.

Another time at a Starbucks I sat next to a guy that had a cube.  I asked to see it.  He was talking about how difficult it was and I listened politely.  When he was through talking I handed him back the cube completed.

My wife gave me a cube with dogs on each side which I have on my desk at work.  It's a bit more challenging but sometimes I work on it in between tickets.