What makes a programmer good?

What makes a programmer good?

Knowledge-knowing your technology is essential, learning the business helps.
Follow through-customer's expect prompt delivery.
Creativity-there's always more than one correct answer.
Research-no one knows everything but someone knows the solution to your problem somewhere-find it.
Multi-task-got to keep all the balls up in the air.
Can-do attitude-will power can conquer any obstacle.
Attention to details-it's got to be correct.
Organization-policies help but knowing all the moving parts is essential.
Social skills-the days of IT working in a vacuum are over.
Political navigation-know when to push and when to back off and who the key players are.
Curiosity-technology doesn't stand still, must have a desire to learn.
Forethought-how will this action affect things downstream.
Problem Solving-must be willing to outlast the problem.
Concentration-keep the mind focused on the problem, although flashes of insight tend to solve occasionally.

It's not always the smartest, brightest, fastest, most certificates or highly visible programmer that succeeds.

A good programmer has a passion for what he/she does.

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