Pick and Choose your Technology

There is so much to choose from when it comes to technology.

However, once you work for a company, they dictate what technology you are going to work on.

If they have 15 year old Visual Basic legacy system, your manager needs someone to support it. If you have those skills then guess what, you are the lucky recipient of outdated technology.

You do not get to pick and choose your technology. Your place of employment does.

Who cares if you want to do cloud computing. Or mobile device programming. Or cutting edge software. Tough luck. Learn it on your own.

From my perspective that's the way it works. Back in 2000 when I was a Visual Basic / ASP developer, I dreamed of writing code in Java.

I studied on my own, learned the language, asked my boss for training. Turns out they didn't need work done in Java at that time.

They needed work done in Actuate & Vantive. I did not see the future career potential in either. So I chose to leave.

Sure it took me a while but I finally got a full time job as Senior Java Programmer. My dream job had come true.

I was also doing Crystal Reports and Oracle BI. But I saw my future in Microsoft BI. Guess what, my employer had not intention of converting over.

So I studied on my own, learned the language and found part time jobs to get experience. I was then able to land a full time job in Microsoft BI.

The point is you can't depend on your employer to allow you the freedom to pick and choose your technology. You do have the freedom to pick and choose your place of employment depending on your circumstances and passion.