Parameter Limitation in Local Mode

When to Use Local Processing
Local processing mode is recommended for applications that include small to medium-sized reports and datasets. Because all data and report processing is performed on the client, you might encounter performance degradation if you attempt to process large or complex reports and queries. Local processing mode is also recommended if you require a straightforward deployment strategy where all parts of the application run together on the same computer.

Local processing mode is less powerful than remote processing and is intended for standalone applications that do not require a report server. Users who are familiar with server reports that run on a remote SQL Server Reporting Services report server should note the following differences:

Report parameters in client report definitions (.rdlc) do not map to query parameters. There is no parameter input area in a client report definition that accepts values that are subsequently used in a query.

Client report definitions do not include embedded query information. You must define data sources that return ready-to-use data for the report.

Browser-based printing through the RSClientPrint ActiveX control is not available for client report definitions that run in the ReportViewer Web server control. The print control is part of the report server feature set.

If you are affected by these differences, you should either migrate to a Reporting Services installation or write application code that provides the functionality you require.

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