1st Quarter 2011 - Summary

Well, the year 2011 is almost 1/4 over. What do we have to show for it?

Started a new job Jan 31, Applications Administrator for the school board. Getting some managerial experience. Wrote some SSRS reports. Dabbled in PHP. Learned some AJAX. Wrote some c# connecting to SSRS. Learned the SSRS server environment. Queried Active Directory using T-SQL.

Attended the SQL-Saturday and pre-conference for Business Intelligence. Attended the February and March Tampa Bay BI Users Group. Got a book on SSRS and PHP/Linux/MySQL. Joined the BI site BIDN.com posted a few entries. Bought a new Dell computer. Attended OBIEE training early January at the old job.

Still working my part time contract at night. Wrote an SSIS package. Converted a bunch of Crystal Reports to SSRS. Created new SSRS reports. The part time hours slowed down in Feb/Mar. Been doing this one since last August and the one prior since March 2010.

Budget cuts are immenent at the school board. Next week is Spring Break -will try to relax in the Georgia mountains. Overall the year is off to a good start.

I wonder what's in store for 2nd Quarter?