Application Administrator

My new role is: Application Administrator starting this week.

I now administer the SQL Server Reporting Services Server but more important, I prioritize the work load for two programmers. I also get to converse with the customers, create some of the new complex reports in SSRS and set up subscriptions on the server.

Today I was tasked with converting some of the Matrix reports into SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). That's been my goal for the past year, to work specifically in the SQL Server BI stack and finally get to do some SSAS.

I'm pretty excited with the recent change. Had my first meeting today with the team to get to know each other and find out what it is they do. I plan to leave things in place but I would like to implement some standards around report naming conventions, clean up the SSRS folder structure as well as Visual Source Safe.

When I applied for the position, I didn't realize fully that it was a supervisor position, thought it was just mentoring. But now that its come to fruition, I kind of like the new role.

And that's the update!