We lost the source code...Opps!!!

We lost the source code...Opps.!!!

I'm sure we've all done this or had this happen in out IT shop.

First question, how could this happen.  We in IT should all be using some Source Control utility.  They have Microsoft Visual Source Safe, my preference, CVS, good one for Java.  There are many to choose from either to purchase or freeware.

Second question, what do we do now?  Well, you can always search the network or your own hard drive to see if maybe, just maybe, you by some chance save a copy along the way.  Or maybe they could restore a drive that once had a version of the code.

Third question, who do I tell.  That's always the tough one.  Because first thing they'll ask, is question #1 above.

If the code is in fact un-retrievable, you better get to work and start re-writing.

And hopefully learned a very valuable lesson.

Save often!!!!.  Use Source Control.  Make backups of backups.

And so it goes...