Programmer of Code or Supervisor of People

Throughout my career, I've always wanted to stay in the trenches and program code.

It seemed like a natural fit for someone who likes to solve problems and who is analytical.

I've always been able to work independently and be self motivated.

Throughout my IT career, all my managers gave me the space to get the job done.  As long as I complied with company policy and met my deadlines.

Sometimes the work load would increase and I needed someone to prioritize my list.  Or sometimes I needed them to push back to the customer on deadlines or scope creep.

Sometimes I wonder how many people spend their entire careers as coders?  Learning new skills each year trying to keep up with changing technology.

I never contemplated the idea of being on the other side, supervising other programmers.

Perhaps one day I will get to lead a small team of developers.  To manage, shape, mold, direct and work together on common goals.

Hmmm.  That might not be a bad idea.  However, I would still want to create some reports and administer the web servers.  And possibly be the source control admin and write some T-SQL.

In the world of IT, one must build on past achievements and skill sets.  I think supervision is a great skill for anyone to learn.  I guess anything is possible...you never know!