Project Manager

I had the opportunity to work as Project Manager for one of the Clerk's projects called "Copy Request".

Basically it allows users from home, office or anywhere online to order documents from the Clerk's office.  You get charged per page and the doc is email to you or you can get certified and pay the fee for shipping.  We had a programmer, a senior programmer and an Oracle DBA assigned to the project.

There were many meetings with the customer discussing project specs, we gave an estimate of how long it would take and then began coding following the SDLC project life cycle.

Once we got more into the details it was obvious the project was going to take more hours than originally thought so I had to go back to the customer for a revised estimate which did get approved.

I had the dual role of creating the Order/Shopping Cart and creating the 2 reports in Java and IReport as well as project manager.  The other programmer did the back end order pricing pages.  That programmer got downsized and that left the majority of his work for the Senior programmer.

We worked well as a team and he guided me with the Struts portion of the code and I took the lead on creating the Shopping Cart, Reports, Web Service to allow credit card payments via the web as well as the PM role and managing the project schedule.

I met with the customer some more to give periodic demo's on our progress and once we got the final Okay to go live I had to go before our committee to pass Gate 5 which did get approved and we went live.

The one glitch we ran into was the receipt number from the credit card was 8 digits in test and when we went live the receipt number was 10 digits so we did a quick workaround until we were able to modify the web service WSDL.

In the end, the project was successful and the Clerk's Copy Request is a real money maker as the Citizens/Attorney's no longer have to drive to the court house, wait and pay.  They can do it all on-online.

And that's a win-win situation.  And that concluded my stint as project manager.

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