Maintenance Coding

I would consider my style of programing "maintenance".  What that means is I would prefer to inherit someone else code and maintain and enhance it.

I've done some development in the past but find it easier to improve  / troubleshoot someone else code.

I would think most programmers like to create something new, something fresh, using the latest technology.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'd prefer to program only in legacy code.  I still like to stay current.  If I get stuck maintaining some legacy Visual Basic 6 application, that might be time for a change.

But I've programmed in Java for over 3+ years now and I maintain J2EE code written in 2001.  Sure, I've replaced the CopyBooks with Java Web Services, which is actually a pretty big enhancement.

I have not learned Google Web Services or hand held device programming.  Primarily because my day job does not have that in scope nor will it.

That's why I like to do part time contracts.  To learn new skills, expand my network, solve problems, make money and make customer's happy.

Perhaps one day I'll enjoy new development more than maintaining code, but for now it's all good.