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Putting the Junior in Programming

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The Data is Priceless

We hear the drum that data is the new oil.

IBM owns the weather channel.  Surely those weather points are valuable.

Microsoft owns LinkedIn.  Sure that data is valuable.  Just about every person that is employed is on LinkedIn.  With their complete work history, timelines, places, job descriptions.  How much could the data alone be worth.  Priceless.

What are some other data points that could be purchased?  That's what investors should focus on.  That data is worth more than diamonds, oil, land.

In my humble opinion.

Quick Ideas for New Software Apps

I was thinking of some apps for the smartphone.

Like a diet app, when it determines your location is a bakery or fast food joint, it send an electronic zap to your phone.  Call it "ShockDiet".

Here's a handy feature, have a sensor in your mailbox, sends notification when mail is delivered.  How many times have you walked to the mailbox, opened the box, nothing. 5 x in a day.  That would save time and money.  But then again, surprised we still have snail mail.  Call it "MailboxAlert".

How about an app that can scan your food, tell you how many calories, how many sit ups you'll need to do to work it off, how many days it will cut short your life.  Call it "DietaryGenie".

How about an app so when you fly, it tells you what city/state/providence you are flying over at that exact moment.  Call it "FlyOverU".

How about an app that tells you where things are in a store.  Have you ever walked around a giant box store, wondering aimlessly, with no sal…

9 Things to a Happier Life

Get rid of cable.  First of all, it ain't cheap.  Second, it turns the mind to mush.  Third, think of all the better things you could be doing.  Get a part time job, read a book, walk in nature, fix the house, anything is better.

Get rid of your land line.  With all the negative aspects to smart phones, they really do assist in your day to day activities.  Of course you can talk on them, get voicemail, read emails, find directions, etc.  I don't know how we existed without them.  Why would you need a land line, other than to host a fax machine.  And get rid of you musket and covered wagons too.

Outsource the stuff you don't want to do.  Sure it may costs money, if you can free up your time to do things you enjoy, it's worth it.

Do the stuff you've been putting off.  Nobody's getting younger.  There's only so much time.  People get health issues.  Fact of life.  Don't wait until the end, there won't be time.

Enjoy the ride.  Life is a marathon.  There is…

Reunion in Boston

It's not everyday you have a family reunion.  Well, today was that day.

While in Boston, MA for business, my mother was in town as my 97 year old Grandmother wasn't feeling well.  She arranged to meet along with my Aunt and Uncle.  We met at a nice Italian restaurant and had a great reunion talking about the past and present.  Sure has been a long time.

Bit of a chilly night, yet warmer than last week.

Earlier in the day, had a chance to walk over to Harvard University.  Went to the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Natural History, I majored in Anthropology and Archaelogy.  Enjoyed viewing the ancient Native American Indians, especially from the SE and NE of USA.  The old brick buildings were everywhere and the weather was quite nice.

Good times~!

Tennis & Programming Similarities

When you've been playing tennis all your life, you can basically pick up a racquet at any time and play descent tennis.  Sure the foot work, timing and endurance are slower than expected, but the natural game is still there.

When I was a junior, I stopped all other sports to focus on tennis.  My coach Cid played #1 position for the local university.  Unorthodox, yet fierce.  Had a one hand backhand slice, the ball never rose.  Pin point accuracy.  And used the same grip for both forehand and backhand.  Serve wasn't spectacular, could place the ball anywhere on the court at any time with complete accuracy.  And never missed a shot due to unforced error.

That's the game he taught me.  Minus the one hand slice backhand.  Primarily because I throw left handed and played right hand, so the two handed backhand was better than the forehand.

Every lesson, had to do physical strength exercises.  And consistency.  Hit a forehand crosscourt, inside the singles lines, behind the service …

AWS Data Lake Hadoop Hive with DBVisualizer Project

About midway through the 2nd week of an 8 week project.  I'm working for a large insurance company located in Downtown Boston.  What technologies am I working on for this project?  I work on Operational Reports for the Actuarial department.  They have a source database, a team that gets the data into AWS Data Lake, Hadoop Hive tables.  We connect using an IDE called DBVisualizer and write custom SQL statements.  Also some Power BI and Tableau development. 

I spent some time researching Hive optimization techniques.  They have partitioning, bucketing, indexing, writing better SQL code, but they also have other options.  They recommend using Sort By rather than Order by, specify the order of your Group By fields, avoid nested Sub-Queries, use Between rather than <= and >=.  

Found a few good links I read: