The Gatekeepers

One day, the owner walked by my cube.  He saw that I was working on my personal website at work.  I don't think he was too thrilled as he asked me what I was working on.

A few weeks later, the CTO left, with the largest client.  Coincidently the raid servers crashed on the last day.

I was one of two people left in the IT department.  They asked if I could restore all the lost files.  Took a few days, but all documents were restored.

To summarize, I was brought in to do Crystal Reports.  A sort of low level job with not much status or prestige.  And then save the company from going under.  They said I had a job for life.

In life, people size you up, assign labels which determine your success.

If I accepted the labels placed upon by society, I'd probably be homeless.

In the competitive world, being authentic is considered a weakness.  Yet living a cautious life behind false facades is fraudulent.

If the gatekeepers spent less time policing others to stay within the lines and confines of predetermined small boxes, then we could focus our energy on meaningful tasks, rather than breaking the invisible label shackles every step of the way

Perhaps then we could advance farther, faster and find our true potential.

Social Media a Fishnet for Info

Social media is eating the world.

Seems its taking much of the television audience.

Many would prefer an email or text to conversing face to face or over the phone.

Social Media leaves an audit trail.  But not only that, it connects the dots.

What is your political persuasion?  Your likes and dislikes.  Your education level.  Your intellect.  Your income.  Your position on specific issues.  Your friends.

Well, that's personal.  I'm not going to tell you.

Well, if you use Social Media, the data can tell us everything we need to know, and more.  Machine Learning can 'infer' things about you, without you divulging the information.

So the data can reveal just about everything about you.  Along with audit trail, dates, times, locations.

The free applications we use for entertainment and fun is the fishnet to gather all your personal information.

This would have been nearly impossible, on such wide scale, prior to the Internet.  Beyond selling data on personal habits for advertisement, you can bet the info is also being collected comparable to 'credit reports'.

And there you have it~!