Health Lack of Care System

Trying to find another doctor to clean up the mess from the first surgeon, as the first surgeon said we need to find a new doctor as its too complicated.  He was not an expert in the field of the surgery, cashed his check, sent us on our way, moved on.

The new doc said he would not speak with us until we had 4 MRI done, at the tune of $900 our share, 5 hour procedure under anesthesia.  The people at the hospital never checked our ID, never placed the arm bands on wrist, never administered the IV prior to event.  They never came out to give update status on patient, and actually moved patient to another floor while waiting in the waiting room, in fact the people at front desk left for the evening, never once notified of anything.

A week later, arm pain required visit to walk in clinic, which sent to ER, which found blood clot, admitted overnight, released premature.  Next day, back to another ER, admitted, released.

Original doc calls, said he can't help with the original problem of fixing the issues from the original surgery.  So the MRI's which caused the blood clot were for nothing.

Swimming alone in the deep waters of the healthcare system, with no life jacket, each doctor taking a bite out of the carcass, until there's nothing left.


Let's ReWrite History or Write Sci-Fi Books

What if the cooked planet Mars once held life?  Before its ozone layer got depleted and turned the planet red.

I think there was a story about a guy that fled a dying planet, sent to a new planet, had extra strength and could fly, perhaps less gravity.  Superman.  Wouldn't that be funny if it were based on a true story.

Or Godzilla, some reptile thing fighting the humans.  If you pay particular attention to the word Godzilla, a trained professional can decipher the word "God" right in the beginning.  Could there be a correlation between foreign visitors of reptile being and our Lord?

How about the flood, Noah and his arc, carried species 2 by 2.  What if the Arc were a spaceship, brought over some critters from somewhere else, that would be awesome!

I wonder if people know what happened on this planet before 10k years ago, before the last ice age.  Some say there were prior races of human like being, two perhaps.  Advanced intelligence, flying machines, ability to heal, splice genes and such.  What happened to them, well, we'd know except all records seem to have gone missing.  Ironic perhaps, maybe in some vault in a secret palace for limited access maybe.  That would be cool also.

Why?  Because if we already had advanced technology limited to the few, they could rule the planet, release new technology slowly over time, and pretend that humanity making leaps and bounds of progress, when actually spoon fed at slow pace to milk every drop from the planet.  That would be totally awesome as well.  Just imagine, all our history books complete hogwash fabricated hallucinations concocted to portray actual events.  That would win an Emmy for sure.

Maybe I should write some SciFi novels about all this, turn it into e-books, self publish, so other could read more details.  If Mars once had life, maybe they've still got a few being there, guarding and protecting, maybe a getaway for the higher ups, when they aren't ravishing the planet and mining all the resources to obliteration.  This is fascinating stuff, either on fictional level or maybe we can re-write the history books based on actual events.

Either way, makes you wonder.

And so it goes~!

Wanna See My Magic Trick, Skylar?

Something to Think About

The world has changed.

The new goal is to extract your mind, using social media.  Learn your behaviors, patterns, desires, fears, preferences.  For profit.  Makes sense.  Lots of cents.

Interesting to listen to radio.  I listen quite often.  There are indeed patterns.  If you listen closely, here are some basic themes:

Lost love
Lost hope
Lost dreams
Broken relationships

The interesting thing, it never ends, an infinite loop to destroy your hope, establish society norms and beat your will into submission.

Or maybe not.  Maybe I'm just reading too deep into it.  But then again, I listen a lot.  And its easy to pick up the trends.

It's kind of like the weather patterns.  Not sure why but about a dozen year ago, I noticed it rains on holidays.  And election days.  So I watched patters over time.  Sure enough I've watched poor weather conditions repeat, one after another, after another for quite a while now.  I don't talk much about it.  Maybe do a big data project and look for holidays and weather conditions, see if patterns match my observations.  Would be good extra credit project!

There is the life portrayed in commercials, billboards, you've seen them.  The better life.  If you just work a bit harder, to afford the better things in life, you can enter this world of the better life.  Obviously, it doesn't actually exist, just marketing ploys.  Extremely powerful carrots on a stick, to get you to work harder and waste your money on trivial items.  Think about it, you get programmed for 18 years as a child, simply remove your ability to think or have free will, perform mindless job from 20 to 65, that takes a lot of effort to steer the entire society into such conditions.  It's relentless.  What a con job.  Multi level marketing at its best.  Called the economy.  Next generation of suckers to finance the scheme, keep it going.

The goal of life is perhaps not to kick in each others teeth while climbing out of the sewer, just imagine if everyone worked together to make it a better place.  Such dreams.  Society has no place for dreamers.  Nice people are weak.  Mean people get ahead.  Our value system has been altered, take whatever you can, all for you none for anyone else, what a farce.  Society is nuts.  Competition is the root of all evil, money is simply the materialized form of greed and corruption, stemmed from competition.  Here's a news flash, chances are you aren't in the top 1%, which means you're in this mess just like everyone else.  Which means you sell your soul to get what you can, through any means possible.  If the 1% gave you a chance to join them, you'd throw away everything you believe in drop of a hat, get the hell out of the sewer of rats, this I know for sure.

Once you realize you can never have enough, you realize that service to others is life's greatest reward, giving is better than receiving.  Nobody cares what you drive or how many fireplaces your house has.  You either sell your soul in exchange for things, status or power, or you're true to yourself and your beliefs.  If you look closely, in a quiet space, your inner voice will remind of path you chose.

And so it goes~!

Highways Move the World

We usually stop there on the drive home.  It's always slow.  This time was no different.  Nobody else in line, yet we're waiting there, for our drinks, counting the flies, there were many.  Although every store is different, this store's culture gives the signal, we don't care about customers.  And it shows.  Every time we have the unfortunate cup of Joe.  Sure we could avoid it, go somewhere's else, I suppose we're to blame.

Along the drive, constant construction on the roads.  Slow down, speeding fines doubled in construction area.  Except this stretch been completed for a while.  Driving, you see grass area along the side of the road.  Every so often, in exact same spot, patch of grass completely missing, dirt exposed completely.  Why?  I did a science fair project in 6th grade on "terrace agriculture", where people grow crops in high altitude places on steep slopes, by implementing terrace agriculture.  I guess the road crew was not aware of this during construction phase, suppose they've cashed the checks as the projects completed, yet the entire stretch of road looks bad.  Every year, 6th grade science fair winner had a volcano that erupted.  I guess terrace agriculture isn't fancy.

When driving 11 hours, not much to do but zone out and read the billboard signs.  I didn't realize that baby is alive in the womb such an early age.  We did college paper on the subject, when does baby become human, I said when they agree on the date, pick you up at 7:30pm, that's when the clock starts, according to my paper.  Seems odd that the entire country is broke, except for the non profit groups that have tons of cash to publicize their beliefs on some lonesome stretch of highway.  I guess we could all put up some billboards on our beliefs, "hey, I like Neil Young music".  Bam!  there it is, I said it, read it, live it, love it.  You don't have much to read driving the highway, now I've infected your brain with my personal beliefs, I'm not a non profit, but take that anyway!  Ha!

Rest stops are interesting places.  You see some very interesting people at rest stops along  the highway.  They usually have a poster up of snakes to avoid, a few vending machines with candy from a few years ago and such.  Those bathroom breaks are welcome oasis along the highway, stretch the legs, walk around, then back in the car for another marathon drive.

Trucks make the world go around.  Moving stuff to and from.  All sorts of trucks.  Carrying boats and cars and cargo.  Where are they all going?  How do trucks stay in the lines hour after hour, without stopping to take breaks, nestled in the two right lanes.  I give truck drivers credit for ability to focus for long duration, mile after mile, as one wrong move and you've got yourself a big problem on the highway.  Breaker Breaker, what's your 20?  Big 10-4.  That's CB talk.  The entire world moves on the highway, never sleeps, moving cargo to and from, never ends.

And there you have it, some mindless ramblings of observations on the road.

And so it goes~!

Health Lack of Care System