Blogging Daily Builds Your Blogging Muscle

People follow social media blogs to get insights, read current trends, find solutions to problems and a whole lot more.

And a technology blog should be about technology.  The only issue, is content.  Who has enough information to fill blog post after post with quality content.  Perhaps paid blogs that have a pool of talent to sample from on consistent basis.  But their goal is profit through ads, page views, webinars, gain potential leads, sell merchandise, services, etc.

But the bloggers who write for free and/or write solo, generation of posts is the main issue.  How often do we see a blogger out of the gate, post a few, then fizzle.  Then blog post resolution, going to blog more frequently, then fizzle.

Blogging is an entirely new genre.  It's factual, most likely in story format, or psudeo documentation, of insightful fresh content.  Until 5 more posts of similar content appear shortly after.

Some bloggers post less frequent, yet quality is consistent as are the topics.

Could you imagine a rock group writing one new song a day every day.  Or a writer publishing a new book every few months.  Or poet writing new poems every single day.  The ability to be creative on a consistent basis is not easy.  I find the best way to get better at blogging is to build it into your everyday life.  Posts blogs even if you have nothing relevant to say.

The act of writing daily, regardless of specific content, builds the creative muscle, plain and simple.  It's like lifting weights.  You don't have to bench lift 300 lbs.  As long as you're lifting.  Let it go a few months, not easy to build momentum.

Why do the topics vary so much?  Because.  Why not.  Why should a blog post content on a single subject.  The world is multifaceted.  Why narrow the viewpoints to fit one audience.

You may see stories on sports, technology, databases, programming, consulting, cutting edge stuff, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, history, my personal childhood, my past jobs and careers and education, along with opinion stories.  Anything is free game.

When you're married, you have to answer to your spouse.  At work, you answer to your boss.  As a child, you answer to your parents.  In school, you answer to your teachers.  In society, you answer to the underlying cultural laws that govern behavior.

In blogging, you report to no one.

And there you have it~!

As always, thanks for reading.

Yours truly.

Observing Patterns Over Time

Three types, those who watch what happens, those who make things happen and those who wonder what happened.

Music substitutes our need for television.  We have radio streaming nonstop, in the car, house, pool area.

When you pay for music, there are fewer commercials, as they promote their own stuff and try to get you to upgrade and such.

We listen to classic rock, 2nd generation sometimes.  We listen to the same limited set of music over and over.  I was around during that time, pretty sure there were a few more songs than their playlist.

What's interesting are the themes.  I listen over time.  Here's what I hear:

Songs about surveillance
Songs about being broke
Songs about bad love
Songs about being unemployed
Songs about having no money
Songs about being between rock and hard place
Songs about broken dreams

That's my synopsis after listening for about a decade.  It doesn't vary much.  Perhaps I'm just reading too deep into it.  Why would a paid music company play music lists with such "down" themes.

Surely there must have been a few other songs from that era that were a bit more uplifting.  Or perhaps the intent is designed to condition.  But then again, I also watched the precipitation patterns since 2001 and noticed that it rained on every single major holiday every single year, including election days.  My wife and I joke about it, but I think she's tired of the subject.

Perhaps I shouldn't be so observant.