Mini Vacation to Blue Ridge, Georgia USA State Parks

Few pics from our mini vacation to Blue Ridge Georgia:

Anybody Hungry?

Sometimes I visit fast food places.  Like when I'm driving a 10  hour trip and have to use the bathroom and there's no gas stations open.  Talk about ghost towns.  I never order food there.  Gave up fast food a while back.  Good, cheap, fast food.  Uh, Not so good, expensive, slow food.  Pepto Bismol to the rescue.  I heard robots will soon replace workers there.

I worked at a fast food chicken place in college.  For two weeks.  I worked the fried chicken.  Was a fun job.  All the food you could eat, except 2 piece limit on the fried chicken.  My girlfriend at the time visited me there, actually, we broke up the next week.  But there were some good co-workers, had this one guy, about 6 foot 15 inches, 300 pounds, liked to call me "cracker".  We got along good, er, I hid from him a lot.  I never picked up my check for those two weeks.

People always wonder what's in that fast food.  What type of meat is it?  Some places, tacos for instance, they pour the meat from a bag.  The meat you can eat with a spoon.  Long ago, fast food was great,  I could get two burgers, fries and a drink for probably under $5.  Filling, tasted okay, quick and easy.

I always wanted to open a fast food restaurant, sell peanut butter and jelly, only.  Could order any type of jelly, jam, crunchy or plain peanut butter, chips or snack, and  a drink.  Made to order.  Could even order with the crust removed, no extra charge.  Any type of bread.  I thought it was a great idea.  Surprised nobody had thought of this and done it.  Seems like a no brainer.

Finding food to eat has  got to  be one of the biggest concerns of our time.  Every day.  At least twice a day.  What do I want to eat today?  Hmmm.  What's available?  How much time do I have?  Would be nice if we could automate this process to some degree, maybe an IV tube and pop a pill on the run that supplies all  your balanced food needs.

The four basic food groups, who designed that?  Back in the 1500s?  What about the 5th food group?  Doritoes.  Pizza.  Slim Jims.  Ice cream.  That's my favorite food group.

I can  remember, my entire school life, I never brought a brown bag lunch, except field trip days.  Every day I got lunch  money.  It started around $0.10, then went to a quarter, then thirty five  sense.  I  remember buying ice cream sandwiches with my lunch money most days.  5th food group.  I think  they might have fast food joints in school cafeterias.  Maybe my buddy from the fast food chicken joint's working there.  We could team up again, like in the old days.  All the chicken you can eat.


What Do You Do for a Living

Someone asked me, what do you do for a living.  Well, I type on this keyboard thing.  What do you type?  I type different things.  What do you do when you're not typing?  I think about things.  What type of things do you think about?  I think about typing.

So you type and you think.  Why do you do that?  It's fun.  What's fun about typing and thinking?  That's how you solve problems?  So you solve problems for a living?  Sometimes.

What type of problems do you solve?  I solve problems that people have.  Are they technical problems?  Sometimes.  Why don't they solve the problems themselves?  Sometimes they don't have the skills to solve the problems.  What type of skills?  Problem solving skills.

So you solve problems for a living?  Yes.  By typing on  the keyboard and observing and thinking of solutions.  Where did you learn to solve problems?  Definitely not school.  Schools don't teach you how to solve problems?  They create problems.  How do schools create problem?  They teach you concrete facts.  What happens when you're given a problem when facts don't solve the issue?  You hire a consultant.  I'm a consultant.

So you're a consultant who solves other people problems by using problem solving skills by typeing on the computer, observing and thinking?  Yes.

Why didn't you just say that?  Because you wouldn't have thought through the process.  They don't teach students how  to think through a process, they tell you the answer and you memorize it.  Problem solving requires low level critical thinking along with creativity, can be applied to any field, but the most obvious is computer programming.  Ah, so you're a computer programmer.  Bingo~!


Designing Databases to Leverage Other Data

Where do we get our data from?  The database.  Or flat files.  Or XML.  Or log files.

And who designed all those databases?  The DBA.  Or people are the vendor's office.

And did they design a database equipped to handle reporting, or did they build a database for some application to run?  Built the database to run an application.

Was any thought put in for downstream reporting, to make it easier on the Business Intelligence Developer?  Uh, no.  Never thought of doing that.  Not in my job description.

Was any thought put in so data can be cross referenced with other databases, like the Salesforce data or the Great Plains data, or the Call Center data?  Uh, no.  Never thought of doing that.  Not in my job description.

Well, seems like we need to re-evaluate your job description.